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Erasmus for Teachers



In August, Grażyna Karczyńska, the coordinator of the project, was the first to go to Dublin for a two-week English language course run by the International House language school. In addition to everyday conversation classes and English grammar, she got to know the nooks and crannies of the city and the surrounding area. These were trips to the most interesting places in Dublin - Trinity College, where you can see in the Old Library the most valuable manuscript containing the Latin text of the Gospels - The Book of Kells, National Museum, St. Anne's Church and St Stephen's Church, St Patrick's Catedral, City Hall, Dublin Castle, Oscar Wilde Museum, National Gallery of Ireland, Guinness Brewery, Kilmainham Goal.


Immediately after the end of the school year, Maria Pajtasz and Elżbieta Ratajczak-Dryw went to Dublin for an English language course.

At the DUBLIN ENGLISH STUDY CENTER they participated in the General Standard course. The course was held every morning in the morning.
Afternoon classes were held within the contact hours. It was also allowed to use the CES e-learning platform. The morning lessons were divided into two parts, led by two different teachers. Lessons focused on building language skills, expanding vocabulary and
improving grammar. They were also aimed at improving the overall efficiency and fluency of communication, focusing on four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Teachers' CES lessons find it very useful in understanding the English language and the English way of life. Both ladies were under I was very impressed by the meeting of students from all over the world, and the friendly and sociable atmosphere at school it helped them to enjoy learning.

St. Patrick's Cathedral
Audoen's Church

In July, Mrs. Grażyna Karczyńska and Mrs. Monika Mazurkiewicz also went to Dublin to the same language school. They lived in a dormitory close to the school where most of the school's students were accommodated. Due to the difference in language skills, these ladies participated in courses at different levels - Ms. Grażyna on the A1 course, and Ms. Monika on the A2 - Pre-Intermediate course. Both ladies significantly improved their language skills. They spent the afternoons together exploring the various sights of Dublin and the surrounding area. Living in a dormitory allowed for fuller integration with students from all over the world.