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Erasmus for Teachers


On June 26.06 - July 08.07.2022, XNUMX. Mrs. Agnieszka Kursa took part in a two-week French language course in Montpellier as part of the Erasmus + project.

The course was held in an international group. In addition to her, there were also people from Germany, Switzerland, the United States and the Netherlands. This international team worked to develop your speaking fluency through a series of discussions on topical topics. The teacher who conducted the classes attached great importance to the correct pronunciation. There were also exercises, thanks to which the grammar was reliably repeated.

After the classes, Agnieszka got to know the closest neighborhood and the region of Occitania. She visited the center of Montpellier, she also went to the botanical garden. She visited the nearby town of Sète, known as the Venice of Languedoc because of its location and canals. Some experts say that this is where the tastiest French oysters come from.

She also took advantage of extracurricular activities and one-day trips organized by the language school.

She liked the course very much. Her language skills have increased significantly thanks to the need to constantly communicate in French not only while working together, but also in her free time. After these classes, she became motivated to further self-education. She will use the acquired language skills and abilities by co-implementing subsequent international projects.