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        At the end of September 2019, Ms. Karolina Pacholska, the school psychologist, had the pleasure to fly to Malta to take part in the 2-week Technology Enhanced Learning training organized by the ETI Malta school. The training was intended for school teachers who want to improve their teaching skills with the use of the latest information technologies. In an international group, Ms. Karolina learned how to create simple blogs and websites, record podcasts, make internet presentations, prepare teaching aids for students, animations, tests and internet quizzes to solve using smartphones. Daily classes were held in English and lasted from 9am to 14.30:19 pm. As it turned out a few months later, all the skills acquired turned out to be very useful in the context of the Covid 6 pandemic and distance learning, which came exactly XNUMX months later and stayed with us for many long months.

      In the afternoons, the language school organized integration meetings during which Ms. Karolina had the opportunity to meet teachers from other European countries and talk with them about the ways of functioning of educational institutions and the methods of working with students. It was a great opportunity to exchange teaching experiences. With some of them, Karolina remains in constant contact with them.

     During the two-week stay, our teacher had the opportunity to visit the whole of Malta, as well as the tiny islands of Gozo and Como that surround it. Interestingly, the entire state of Malta occupies an area comparable to that of our Krakow. The teacher visited the current capital, La Valetta, which is the southernmost capital of Europe and one of the most dense historic areas in the world, and the first capital of the Mdina state, closed in medieval, high walls and narrow streets. She also visited the charming fishing village of Marsaxlokk, Malta's most beautiful bay, Golden Bay, the movie village of Poppey the sailor, and many other charming corners.


In July, teachers Monika Barańczak, Grażyna Karczyńska, Dorota Ratajczak and Magdalena Staszewska participated in language training in Malta. The classes at the language school were held from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 13.00. In international groups, you could talk about living conditions in different countries. The largest number of listeners was from South America and Asia. Many of them have been in Malta for several months. They learned English and worked here. In the afternoon, there was time to explore the island and swim in the Mediterranean Sea. The water there is saltier, much warmer than in the Baltic Sea and crystal clear. While swimming, you could admire the natural caves and cliffs. Most of the beaches are rocky.                         

The history of Malta goes back to the beginnings of our civilization. The first major structures in Malta - megalithic temples - began to be built around 3600 BC. They are the oldest standing structures in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. In the capital of the state - Valletta, there are as many as 320 monuments. We managed to see many of them.